Peter Spink Archive

“...the still, clear pool of reflection...”

Welcome to the archive of recorded teachings of Peter Spink and the Omega Order

Peter Spink was an English Anglican priest, Canon of Coventry Cathedral, mystic, spiritual teacher, writer and founder of the Omega Order, a mixed teaching and contemplative community.

Peter taught a meditation practice or spiritual discipline that today is described as an ‘awareness practice’. Through the discipline of both external and internal silence practitioners sought to awaken ‘the heart to the truth as it is in Jesus’ and were encouraged to find the ‘observer platform’ from where to look into the still clear pool of reflection’ – the heart.

Rather than write about what Peter taught we invite you to explore for yourself recorded teaching sessions and watch the Inner Journies documentary video.
Inner Journies - an interview with Peter Spink
Copyright for all Peter Spink’s recordings and Omega Publications works available on this website was held by the Omega Trust, dissolved in the early 2000s, and released here as 'orphan works'. Click here for more information.