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Published Works

Peter Spink’s Published Works

Apart from the material included in this website Peter published a number of books:

  • ‘Spiritual Man in a New Age’ - Darton, Longman & Todd, London 1980
  • ‘The Path of the Mystic: Steps in a Pilgrims Progress’ - Darton, Longman & Todd, London 1983
  • ‘The End of an Age’ - Omega Trust Publications, 1983
  • ‘A Time for Knowledge’ - Omega Trust Publications, 1984
  • ‘A Christian in a New Age’ - Omega Trust Publications, 1991
  • ‘Beyond Belief: How to develop mystical consciousness and discover God within’ - Piatkus Books, 1997

Copyright for these publications is held by Peter’s daughter, Kathryn Spink.

Peter's Final Notes

Peter’s notes used as a basis for his last talk in NZ in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2006 as his illness with Parkinson’s Disease progressed. Copied from hand written notes kept and provided by Kevin Gallaher.

TITLE:   A Movement of Meaning and Purpose from the Heart of the Created Order.

  1. The spearhead of the movement is made up of awakened men and women (truth)
  2. Comprehends all creation - whist anchored in time and space the movement takes us beyond time and space.
  3. Behind it all a mysterious unity.
  4. Christ struggling to come to birth in His Cosmic Body
  5. The movement cannot be contained in, identified with nor trapped in any one frame work of faith
  6. It evolves through crisis - personal, national, international
  7. It is known intuitively and proved by practical living. – crises do not deny but confirm the movement.
Copyright for all Peter Spink’s recordings and Omega Publications works available on this website was held by the Omega Trust, dissolved in the early 2000s, and released here as 'orphan works'. Click here for more information.