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The OMEGA ORDER was founded in 1980. It was a modern religious community in the Catholic tradition and existed to foster the New Consciousness in Religion, Science, Medicine and the Arts.

IN RELIGION: this was seen as the change from devotionalism to interior awareness as evidenced by the widespread desire for training in contemplative awareness.
IN SCIENCE: the new realisation that there is a connection at a profound level between the creative consciousness of humanity and the nature of material reality.
IN MEDICINE: the search for an holistic approach which takes into account not only the physical but also the emotional and spiritual dimensions of sickness and health.
IN THE ARTS: the recognition that to be intuitively in touch with the Universe is the source of all creative energy.

The Aims of the Order were as follows:
  1. To follow those spiritual disciplines which awaken the heart to the truth as it is in Jesus.
  2. To reverence Christ under all forms to the exclusion of none.
  3. To encourage the Christ consciousness wherever it is found.
  4. To work for cooperation with the evolving life of the planet.
The Order had no doctrines of its own but sought through the disciplines of contemplative prayer and meditation to penetrate the essence of all doctrines. It’s starting point was the Christian Religion.

The recordings are suitable for individual listening or use in small groups and can be listened to online or downloaded free of charge to a device for later use.
The Omega Order was resident at Kent House in Tunbridge Wells, Kent from 1980 until 1986.
The order moved to Winford Manor outside Bristol in 1986 where it remained until its dissolution in the early 2000’s.

Omega Order Recordings

1 - The Omega Vision in the New Testament
2 - The Omega Order
3 - The Aims of the Omega Order - Address & Meditation
4 - Address & Inauguration of the Omega Order - Easter 1980
5 - The History of Kent House

Omega Order Books

These books are downloadable in PDF format.

The Sevenfold Call - by Peter Spink

This book details the seven principles or "calls" of the Omega Order. While intended primarily for those considering the implications of becoming Companions of the Omega Order, the principles themselves have universal application.

The Omega Order Offices

An "Office" is a framework for prayer and meditation. The Omega Offices were intended to provide minimum structures within which individuals and groups could learn to practice and use silence, as a seedbed for stillness and the true perception that proceeds from it. Several editions of the Offices were produced with various additions to the text as the Order spread internationally.

Drawing Aside the Veils - The Omega Order in New Zealand

Subtitled Recollections from New Zealanders who Have Responded to the Unfolding of the Omega Vision, this anthology was compiled and edited by Sister Leonie O'Neill RSM and published in February 2000. This work was instigated by Peter Spink himself in 1996 and includes material from some of Peter's books, various Omega News UK and NZ newsletters, and other collected materials alongside the personal reflections of various New Zealanders.


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