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Copyright Information

Omega Copyright

  • All Peter Spink’s recordings and Omega Publications works on this website are copyright © Omega Trust.
  • The Omega Trust was a registered charity in the United Kingdom and was dissolved in the early 2000’s.
  • Every endeavour has been made to contact the former Trustees of the Omega Trust for permission to use their copyright material.  We have also communicated with Katherine Spink, Peter’s daughter, who is now the holder of the copyright to his published writing. Katherine has given us her blessing to publish the archive of recordings.
  • Being unable to contact the copyright holders of the recordings and publications, we regard these as ‘orphan works’ (copyright works whose copyright owners are not easily identifiable or contactable).
  • All Peter Spink’s recordings and Omega Publications books acknowledge the Omega Trust copyright and are archived here as ‘orphan works’ and made available free of charge for non-commercial, personal use including listening, viewing, downloading or printing.

Other Copyright

Copyright for all Peter Spink’s recordings and Omega Publications works available on this website was held by the Omega Trust, dissolved in the early 2000s, and released here as 'orphan works'. Click here for more information.